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No. C--S24-2 (11-23-MMH)


23 November 1940.


From:   Bureau of Ships.
To: Commander-in-Chief, U.S.Fleet.
Commander-in-Chief, Asiatic Fleet.
Commander Battle Force, U.S.Fleet.
Commander Scouting Force.
Commander Patrol Force.
Commander Base Force.
Commander Battleships, Battle Force.
Commander Cruisers, Battle Force.
Commander Cruisers, Scouting Force.
Commander Destroyers, Battle Force.
Commander Destroyers, Patrol Force.
Commander Cruisers, Patrol Force.
Commander Aircraft, Battle Force.
Commander Aircraft, Scouting Force.
Commander Aircraft, Patrol Force.
Commander Minecraft, Battle Force.
Commander Submarines, Scouting Force.
Commander Submarines, Patrol Force.
Commander Train, Patrol Force.
Commander Transports, Patrol Force.
Commander Battleship Division FIVE.
Commander Destroyer Flotilla ONE.
Commander Destroyer Flotilla TWO.
Commander Destroyer, Flotilla EIGHT.
Commander Destroyer Flotilla NINE.
Commander Destroyer Division 75.
Commander Submarine Squadron FOUR.
Commander Submarine Squadron SIX.
Commander Submarine Squadron THREE.
Commander Submarine Squadron TWENTY.
Commandant, Portsmouth.
Commandant, Boston.
Commandant, New York.
Commandant, Philadelphia.
Commandant, Norfolk.
Commandant, Charleston.
Commandant, Mare Island.
Commandant, Puget Sound.
Commandant, Pearl Harbor. Commandant, Cavite.
SUBJECT: Sky Lookout Support.
      (a)   CNO Conf.ltr.Op-22(QB/IC)(SC) A10-1/S24-2 Serial 0208622 of 15 Nov.1940
      (b)   CNO Conf.dispatch 152259, Nov.1940.
      (c)   Buships Rest.Dispatch 202140, Nov.1940.



No. C--S24-2 (11-23-MMH)

Enclosures (herewith):
      (A)   Buships Sketch No.417312 - Sky Lookout Support (2 prints).
      (B)   Four photographs of Sky Lookout Support.

     1.    Reference (a) directed that sky lookout stations be provided at the Air Defense Officer's stations on all vessels, and that each sky lookout be provided a, suitable support having an adjustable seat, back, armrest and neckrest.

     2.    After study of various sample supports radically different each from the other as to size, style, comfort, cost and utility, the Interior Control Board has approved the support shown in the enclosures. The Board recognizes that the several types of supports studied each offer particular advantages. In making its decision, the ready availability of parts far the support shown in enclosures, relative ease of manufacture and installation, and minimum space and weight requirements were considered of importance.

     3.    Accordingly, the Bureau desires that the enclosures be used for guidance in manufacturing the supports required by reference (a). Motorcycle seats may be used, in lieu of the bicycle seats shown, if readily available locally, and if details of installation can be worked out without major modification of support dimensions. Similarly, materials may be selected to suit availability provided adequate strength is maintained. The web belt should be adjustable in length and at least four inches in width.

     4.    Forces Afloat are hereby authorized to proceed with the procurement and installation of subject supports. Supports are to be manufactured by ship's force, tenders or navy yards, whichever may be considered most expeditious by Force Commanders under existing circumstances. Installation is to be accomplished by ship's force in locations to be approved by the Bureau.

     5.    Necessary materials may be requisitioned from navy yards.


By direction.

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Enclosure (B), Photos
National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
514922-35 Central Subject Files, 1940-50 (Entry PSNS-3)

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