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USS Sterett DD-407, a member of the Benham class of destroyers, was laid down in December of 1936 and comissioned in August of 1939. Sterett was part of CV-7 Wasp's screen in the Atlantic Ocean when the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor thrust the US into the Second World War. She remained in the Atlantic for a time, operating with the Royal Navy, and taking part in Wasp's second run to Malta, before heading to the west coast with Wasp in June of 1942

Sterett remained with Wasp until her destroyer division was detached in September of that year. During that time, she saw action in the Solomons Islands campaign screening for both Wasp and Long Island.

While screening a group of transports on 12 November, Sterett shot down four bombers out of the 32 attackers the Japanese lost that day attacking the convoy and successfully dodged three torpedos. Later that evening, while steaming in company of five cruisers and four other destroyers, she took part in


  • Damage Report -Kamikaze attack on 9 April, 1945.
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