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Bremerton, Wash.


From: Commandant
To: Chief of the Bureau of Ships
Subject: U.S.S. Saratoga (CV3) - Final Report on War Damage.
References:   (a)  BuShips ltr. C-EF13/A8-3(374) dated 28 March 1942.
(b) BuShips ltr. C-EF13/L11-1(374) dated 2 March 1942.
(c) PSNY ltr. C-EF13/L11-1(M-3A) dated 18 March 1942.
Enclosures:   (Herewith)
(A) One original tracing Puget Sound Plan #101-103 - U.S.S. Saratoga War Damage Report - Sketch of Damage.
(B) One negative and one print of photographs NOs. 641-42 to 648-42, inclusive.
(C) Post Card Receipt Form

     1.     In compliance with reference (a) enclosure (A) and (B) are forwarded. These, together with enclosure (A) forwarded under reference (c) include all information available at this Yard considered to be of value in preparing the subject report.

     2.     Sheets 1, 2 and 3 of enclosure (A) were copied directly from the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard blue print titled "Damage Investigation", copy of which is apparently on hand at the Bureau. Minor changes were made in copying these sheets to include information revealed at this Yard, consisting mainly of the addition of a few dimensions which were omitted from the original. Sheet 4 of enclosure (A) waa prepared from information obtained upon removal of damaged inner-bottom structure at this yard.

     3.     Photographs 643-42 to 648-42, inclusive, of enclosure (B) show the condition of the temporary patch, (installed at Pearl Harbor) upon arrival of the SARATOGA at this Yard. Although these photographs are not strictly of value from the standpoint of war damage, they are forwarded as being of possible interest to the Bureau in that they illustrate the affect of the free flooding feature in peeling back the shell plating edges around the patched area.



CV3/L11-1(M-3A) Dh

     4.     In way of comment on the preliminary report, it is noted that paragraph 5 states that the armor remained in position. However, measurements taken indicate that the following conditions existed upon the arrival of the vessel at this Yard:

      (a)  At frame 102 the armor remained in position.
(b) The section of armor between frames 102 and 105 was not distorted, but at frame 105 the belt was approximately one-half inch out of position (forced inboard).
(c) The section of armor between frames 105 and 108 was not distorted, but at frame 108 the belt was approximately one inch out of position (forced inboard).
(d) At frame 111, the section forward of the butt was approximately one inch out of position (forced outboard), while the section aft of the butt remained in position, thus giving a slight joggle in the belt at this butt. In addition, the section of armor between frames 108 and 111 was dished with the maximum indentation occurring at the mid-length of the section. This maximum indentation varied from about one and one-half inches at the top of the plate to one inch at the bottom.

Whether or not all or part of this displacement of the armor belt existed prior to the damaage, or whether or not part of it occurred during the voyage of the SARATOGA from Pearl Harbor to this Yard is not clear. However, it seems quite probable that it was caused directly by the torpedo explosion.

     5.     Although paragraph 2 of reference (b) inferred that the final report on SARATOGA War Damage was to be prepared at the Puget Sound Yard, this is apparently superceded by reference (a} from which it is assumed that this report will be prepared by the Bureau. If any further information is desired in this connection, it is requested that the Yard be advised accordingly.


- 2 -

CV3/L11-1(M-3A) Dh

     6.     It is requested that receipt of enclosures be acknowledged on post card receipt form, Enclosure (C), and returned to this office.





Copy to:
     Comdt. Pearl Harbor NYd
      (With 1 print of Encl. (B);
       and Encl. (C))
By Direction











- 3 -


National Archives & Records Administration, San Francisco Branch
Record Group 181, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard General Correspondence Files, 1941-45.

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