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The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the pivotal events of the twentieth century. While other battles may have produced larger casualties, there are few that could be said to have had the same effect on history. Pearl Harbor tore the United States from decades of isolationist leanings and was the start of the rise of the US as a super power and the end of the Imperial Japanese Empire.

But why did it happen? What were the circumstances that lead to the first bomb? Did the day of infamy *have* to happen? This section is for those who are curious, or students needing information.

For beginners
Advanced Study

Fighting Cans at Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor Torpedo Attacks
Why didn't the Japanese invade Pearl Harbor?
Pearl Harbor History Revised
November 1941 report on Canadian Intelligence on Japan USS Helena Personal Accounts

Ship Damage Reports:

  • USS California Damage Report
  • USS Nevada Damage Report
  • USS Tennessee Bomb Damage Report
  • USS Raleigh Damage Report
  • Oglala CM-4 Damage Report
  • Vestal AR-4 Bomb Damage Report

    Miscellaneous Reports:

  • USS Helena CL-50 Engineering Department Report


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