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Special Topics:

  • Pearl Harbor
  • The Attack on Dutch Harbor, 1942
  • The Death of Chief Photographer Sergei Mihailoff, USNR and the Soviet submarine L16
  • Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Arlington Washington
  • Radio Direction Finder
  • Shipwreck of the Soviet ship Lamut and US Coast Guard rescue efforts - April 1943
  • Japanese Fu-Go Fire Balloons
  • UDTs

    Individual Documents:

  • November 1941 Navy report on Japan via Canadian Intelligence
  • Lieutenant E.C. Madsen's plan to hide on Guam if/when the island was invaded.
  • Memo from King Neptune to US Pacific Fleet, October 1942
  • August 1943 Intelligence Report about Japanese Midget subs launching from Seaplane Tenders
  • Anti-submarine screen formation instructions Dated November 1943
  • Ship Air Raid Conditions, February 1944
  • November 1944 log of an unknown Destroyer during the invasion of Guam

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